For all, you Lumber guys who have been asking for a 4 way (4 directional forklift)

Navigator now has a Truck Mounted Forklift that is a 4 directional forklift.  It is manufactured in 2 capacity,  5500 lb, and a 6500 lb capacity.  This machine is the STRONGEST on the market.

In addition to the 4 DIRECTIONAL, Navigator has added a scissor reach (Nav-Reach) to the 4 Directional Forklift 5500 and 6500 lb capacity.  Now you have 2 style forklifts manufactured in one machine.  IT is the talk of the town.  Call for 770-855-7019 for more information.

Last but not least, Navigator is building a 3500 lb capacity, 2 wheel drive forklift for the Sod Industry that NO Computers on board.  Remember the days when forklifts had just a simple diesel engine?  Well, it is back with the

Navigator DK3500.  Call 770-855-7019 for more information.